Twas the Year the Shelter Was Full

By Misty Patterson, Director of Compliance/Grant Writer, Domestic Violence Prevention, Inc.




One year when the shelter was completely full for Christmas, we thought long and hard on what we could do for that many people.  It was about that time, that we received donations from our community to help our shelter with Christmas. We then asked the mothers to give us shopping lists of food or other items they would need for a party, as well as their kids' Christmas wish lists.

We, the shelter advocates, spent days shopping for the exact gifts the children wanted and all the food and supplies for the adults. Christmas Eve was to be the dinner party. The ladies in the house all sang and danced to Christmas music as they all worked together in the kitchen. For the kids, we had karaoke, coloring, drawing, and Christmas stories.

I really don't think I have ever felt so much joy in one place. A place that can typically be so overwhelmed with depression and trauma, was now like Santa's workshop. It was beyond moving.

After we ate and told stories and visited for hours, it was time for the children to go to bed. The adults stayed up all night, wrapping presents for the kids. As we all sat around wrapping, the mother's began to get emotional. They began to thank us, and tell us that their kids have never had a Christmas that special, and that they have never been able to buy them exactly what they wanted.

But that is why we are here. We are here to show unconditional love and support to the souls traumatized by family violence. Not to just buy a lot of gifts, but to show we care. That they have someone to turn to, always.  To show them what real love and healthy relationships look like. Even if it’s just for a short time, these experiences can impact a lifetime. 


The next morning, the kids woke up screaming and excited as they ran into the living room. To their amazement, under the beautifully lit tree, there were nearly a hundred wrapped gifts, all with familiar names written on them. They shredded paper and threw tissue as they all yelled and laughed. Seeing the beautiful smiles on the children's faces, was something unfamiliar to us.


Typically, when the children enter the shelter, they are confused, broken, or angry. In this moment all pain was forgotten. This time, we all got emotional.


Community support made all this possible. We were able to create a lasting memory for these families, memories of love and happiness. All the emotions that everyone should feel during the holidays, but we just aren't all that lucky. 


To learn how you can be involved, see

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Three main ways to engage:


1) CARE TO BE AWARE - take the time to stay updated on the information we post concerning domestic violence and sexual abuse that is so prevalent today. 

Domestic violence and sexual assault takes many forms. You knowing the signs/indicators (see webpage).  Your willingness to offer information for your co-workers, friends and family that may need our services can be critical! You don't have to be a subject matter expert, just know where to refer your friend to for information.


2) DONATIONS TO SUPPORT General Funds - want to make a one time donation?  Set up a monthly contribution? 

We can discuss the various ways you can financially participate.

There are plenty of ongoing needs that can only be paid for with general funds.


You can use the PayPal set up on our website or write a personal check and send to: 424 Spruce Street, Texarkana, TX 75501. 

For year end giving, we have to receive it by Friday, Dec. 29th. We'll provide a donation receipt to you for tax purposes. Since 1979, fiscal responsibility, accountability and integrity remain a priority!


3) SPONSOR A PROJECT - See the projects below and we can always discuss upcoming new concepts with you to maximize your investment.

Projects to consider:

1) Update a room at the Shelter

2) Facebook Ad Campaign

3) Purchase wristbands

4) Pay for TV/Radio ad campaigns

5) Sponsor a membership to your Chamber of Commerce

Crisis Shelter Updates:

New paint        Bed linens

Drawers     TVs    Nightstands     Lamps     Ceiling Fans/Lights   Furnishings

(our goal is to create a warm, safe home environment with coordinated and fresh furnishings)

Over 59% of our website visits come from Facebook!

Facebook remains the #1 social networking media. 

Your group could sponsor the limited, targeted ads for your zip code/town/county.


Ensuring our residents are aware of the services, prevention and recovering assistance is vital to having the opportunity to intersect more families who would benefit from our opportunities.  


Example: You sponsor a week long campaign, i.e. $200-$500. We make a campaign for your zip code and set the daily amount to allow. FB charges per click.


The FB link goes to a page we create with your business information and logo. They can then go to our webpage. Plus, no other business can purchase from your zip code for 30 days. 


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Town FB Users    Town  FB Users
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New Boston 5000   Little River County 5000
Maud 2000   Hope 10000
Red Water 1000 (-)   Lafayette County 3000
Simms 1000 (-)   Nevada County 3000
Linden 2000      
Atlanta 6000   Contact us to   
Hughes Springs 3000   sponsor your   
Avinger 1000 (-)   cities' marketing  
Queen City 2000   campaign!  


Used for all our community events. It includes our 24/7 crisis number. 


1,000 for $200


For additional cost, your business info on the inside.


Media Campaigns

With four television stations, dozens of radio, newspapers and magazines in our area, we could use funding for ads that target a specific audience.


Contact us to discuss options!

Chamber of Commerce Memberships

We would like to join your local chamber of commerce to improve our opportunities in your community.

Texarkana membership is $360

New Boston, TX  $50

Atlanta, TX $100

DVP, Inc has been operating since 1979, serving thousands of families with resources, support, legal and recovering assistance from the various forms of domestic violence.


We have Federal & State grants, United Way and other various domestic violence funding streams and local donors in our region who make our operation possible.


Our monthly and regular donors include churches, businesses, social/civic organizations, private individuals and families.


All donations are elgible for tax deductions with the highest standards maintained for our fiscal integrity.


Consider monthly contributions, project sponsorships, endowments or donor designated contributions in your financial donation strategies.


We have ongoing needs and sponsorship opportunities available. 

Thank you to Orr Honda & VW who sponsored our Wild About Wellness Children's Health Expo booth on August 12. Without them, our information could not have reached over 200 children and families who attended the huge event at the Four States Fair Grounds.


You can complete the Interest Survey (button on right column) to continue the conversation.


Your church group, civic club, ladies team, business can make our operations an ongoing positive asset to our communities. 

Many of our grants do not provide funds for these and many other items. Please use the Interest Survey on the Contact page to continue the conversation on opportunities!

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