Media, radio interviews, commercials

We're so appreciative of our local media partners who provided no cost publicity for raising awareness concerning domestic violence and sexual assault.


These were accomplished during our October's Awareness month campaign.


Click on the picture, youtube video and/or link to see their work.




Listen to the audio interview!

Thank you John!

Thank you Cable One for your impactful public service announcement!

AMI Radio also produced a free public service announcement and ran during the month.

Produced and provided  100 ads during October!

Thanks to the following, however video/sound clips are not available:


You're not alone!


24 Hour Crisis Line

903-793-HELP (4357)


Confidential, Caring & Considerate

resource for those experiencing any form of sexual assault and domestic violence.


If you are in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1

Resource Links:

Safety Plan Check List


DV & Drug Addiction 


Resources for Survivors


Learn the TX Facts


Safety Plan


Child Welfare






We have a resource center with dozens of information brochures for you to have.